I work with individuals who are committed to growing in self-awareness, have the courage to make positive changes, and have the desire to move forward with the life they know they deserve.

genuine, compassionate, and intuitive.

My approach is

brene brown

"Owning our own story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do."

I'm on a mission for meaningful connections in therapy. Those connections start with a story. It's about actively listening, learning and understanding. Sometimes it's digging a little deeper, asking the questions others are often too afraid afraid to ask. Therapy is about being present, and being a witness to your life, your struggles and your strengths. 

who wants to hear your story.

I have always been the person

I pull from various therapeutic methods
to bring you a more integrated,
non-clinical approach. 

When I'm not working with clients, you can find me trying a new recipe, pushing through a workout, voraciously reading, and working on my own self-growth and wellness or spending time with my husband and raising our
strong-willed daughters.

my practice is compassion based and holistic focused for my clients.

I specialize in individual counseling services for women,
focusing on grief and loss, life transitions, anxiety,
and the highly sensitive person trait. 

I come to you with over fifteen years of experience
empowering people in their journey to self-love.
Through real, honest work, I watch my clients become more hopeful,
more forgiving of others, and more forgiving of themselves.

I'm glad you're here and would be honored to hear your story. 

I’ve learned healing isn’t linear. It’s messy and complicated.
It takes grit and grace to get through it.
 It can be painful and profound and in the end it’s transformative.

Here's my story

It's not about being obsessively positive or having all the answers. It’s about telling your story, the good and the bad. It’s about leaning into the lesson you need to learn so you can be better for it. Therapy is about healing and growing. It's hard. We can do hard.

Therapy isn’t about having "no bad days."

Ready to heal? Let's talk about starting your journey to genuine, compassionate therapy. 

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