Holding space for smart, strong women willing to be vulnerable so they can heal their hearts and live more fully.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Hello, I'm Kori.

Making the choice to see a therapist can be hard, and finding the right one can be even harder. Through compassionate connection, I would be honored to guide you in your healing journey.

It can be scary to ask for help,
but know you are not alone.

It's time to talk

I come to you with over fifteen years of experience empowering people in their journey to self-love. Through real, honest work, I watch my clients become more hopeful, wise, and more forgiving of themselves.

An empathetic healer who is here to help

A little bit about me

I hold the space so you can be you,
say what you need to say,
and be vulnerable
without judgment or criticism.

Working Together

If you are looking for compassionate connection in your personal growth journey, reach out to schedule your complimentary,  20-minute consultation today.

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